Jim and Lindsay Bissette, founders of Generations Photography and Video, LLC, are passionate about wedding photography and videography. Jim started Generations Photography 20 years ago in Rexburg, Idaho, and later moved to South Carolina. They have since formed Generations Photography and Video, LLC, a husband-and-wife team. Jim enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and outdoor activities, while Lindsay is a full-time high school special education teacher, second shooter, and assistant. They aim to help clients celebrate special moments and create memorable memories.


Meet The Artists Behind The Lens

I never want to stop making memories with you

how it started

My photography career started with an interest in cameras and working in the wedding industry at a print shop. I decided that I could learn camera functionality and picked up volumes of information online. My first few weddings were as a second shooter for friends that needed photos but didn't have the budget for them. When I met Lindsay, she told me to push it and really get serious with photography. Now she is a valuable part of the team and a huge inspiration to me.